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Beta Paida Hone Ki Dua | Prayer for Having A Son

Children are a blessing from Allah. Those who don’t have children must pray to get them, and especially for a son. This is a problem many people face, and Professor Rahat has instructed on this dua. IMPORTANT: if this Wazifa does not work for you, contact Professor Rahat to find out why. It may be black magic (kala jadu) working against you. Talk to Prof Rahat Now This amal is easy and effective. It is surat al kosar ka amal. Surah Kosar Ki Fazilat Reading the Quran is extremely beneficial and virtuous (fazilat wala). But this surah especially is very special because it was revealed in Makkah (Mecca). Actually, there is a good probability that it was revealed TWICE – once in Makkah and once again in Madina. But the more famous story is that this wazifa was revealed in Makkah. Beta Paida Hone Ki Dua Now Professor Rahat will… 

Wazifa for Ideal Job/Pasand Ki Nokri

Learn from Professor Rahat the wazifa to get the job of your dreams. To get your ideal job at the place you want or in the career field you want, it’s crucial that you keep amal for a few days. If you do this, you will get the job you want, Insha’Allah. How To Do Wazifa for Ideal Job This Wazifa takes 92 days. If you stay faithful for these 92 days, Insha’Allah you will get your dream job. After the Isha ki namaaz, read awwal akhir 11 , 11 bar darood e Ibrahimi. While reading this, repeat the following 101 times: Ya Aleemu Yaa Haleemu Ya Alliyyu Yaa Azeemu Cleanliness When doing this wazifa, it is extremely important to make sure clothing is clean (pak saaf). The place you were doing the wazifa must also be completely clean. Make sure you do this wazifa in the same place every… 

Child out of control  Children are Allah’s blessings. For any parents their children are their world and they embrace every hardship in life just to bring happiness to their kids’ faces. In current society parents work day in and out to provide their children with best of education, lifestyle and everything that they desire. There are times when parents go through a little tough time when their kids go out of their hands. This is a shattering moment for parent when children go out of control and all parents can do is worry. In Islam the solution to such problem is also available. Parents can recite child out of control wazifa to control their kids. The wazifa for child out of control can be shared by any religious master who bears command over the subject and the category. All you need to do is find one specialist who can help you recite dua for… … Continue reading 

  • Child out of controlWazifa for success in life  The life of every individual is different from others. We should always be thankful for whatever we have. Striving for the best is all that one can do in order to achieve their dreams and objectives in life either for themselves or for their family members. Success comes to everyone who strives for it and works hard to achieve it. Those who achieve success or become successful have one thing in common they work tirelessly to make their dreams come true. Consistently working towards your goal in order to achieve them is the most significant thing. There are some people who face adversities in no matter what they do it seems like something is wrong with them or they must be going through a rough patch in their life. In such times the best thing is to connect with Allah, He is the creator and can take people out from… … Continue reading 

  • Wazifa for success in lifeWazifa for study  Education is very important, every person wants their kids and family member to be educated and become a successful person in their future. In our society, the success of any individual is based on the education and marks they obtain in the examinations. Based on these marks any student can get admission in good college, university or can even get a good job. Parents are highly concerned about their kids these days and want their kids to concentrate on their studies. Studies have also become very demanding and challenging, not everyone can cope up with these challenges on day to day basis. If you want your child or yourself to concentrate on studies then you should recite wazifa for study. There are scholars who have shared the wazifa for study concentration and according to them if you recite them daily you can achieve fruitful results. In order to get good… … Continue reading 

  • Wazifa for studyWazifa For All Problems  Every person in life goes through difficulties and they think that they are the only ones who are going through a rough patch in their lives. When there are troubles and hardships there are also opportunities and blessings in life. It depends upon a person how to respond and react to different situations. Allah has given everyone His blessings and He is merciful, those who feel bogged down in troublesome situations should always pray to Allah and ask for His mercifulness. If you focus on life and try to beg in front of your creator – Allah and recite his names you will experience positive changes in your life. There is wazifa for all problems, all you need to do is to find a religious scholar by studying about them, by researching them and they will guide you on how to go about it. If you keep reciting Quran with… … Continue reading 

  • Wazifa For All Problems
  • Wazifa for Husband  We are created in pairs, for every man, there is a woman and vice versa. Husband and wife have a very special and blessed union of love. The relationship between a husband and wife is purest of all. They should be sincere to one another, respect each other and provide support to one another in thick and thin in life. It has been observed that there are also some relationships which don’t go well as planned and husband and wife face hardships and difficulties. As two individuals are always different from one another there are high chances of clashes and difference of opinion but the way forward is to tackle these issues and move ahead in life with happiness and contentment. There are cases where a small misunderstanding can create havoc in the relationship of husband and wife. If the issue is left unsettled or not discussed it has the… … Continue reading 

  • Wazifa for Husband
  • Wazifa for health  A healthy person is a wealthy person, this must be something which everyone has read or listened to. The fact is, good health is a blessing for any person. People who don’t have good health go through a lot of hardships and difficulties in life. Everyone wishes to have good health. There are cases where people have money and all the luxuries in their lives but they do not have good health which is something they wish to have. Have you ever thought about why some people go through a lot of difficulties with their health? There is a high probability that someone might have cast a spell or have used black magic for their health, this can be treated provided the right actions are taken. If you are suffering from health-related issues and don’t know how to tackle them then you should start wazifa for health, it has helped… … Continue reading 

  • Wazifa for health
  • Wazifa For Hajat  In life, there comes a time when nothing goes right. You face hardships in the simplest of things and you only get disappointments, as if nothing good is left for you in the world. This is the time when your needs are not fulfilled, your life becomes miserable and no one even listens to you or wants to spend time with you. In such a hardship the only door to knock is of Allah’s. Only HE can protect you from the evil spell cast by others who are jealous of your happiness and success. There is Wazifa for Hajat in every situation which any person can think of. Those people who suffer from hardships can change their lives by reciting Wazifa for Hajat on a routine basis. Wazifa Hajat can help them in multiple ways. For instance, if someone is suffering from monetary issues or facing family problems etc. they… … Continue reading 

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