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Shadi ka na hona

If you are facing issues like not happening of marriage and if the engagement is done and marriage is not happening. Then you should consult with Professsor Rahat. He has some Qurani Wazaif & Some special Amal.

Husband Wife Relationship Problem Solve Gharelo Na Chaki Lrae Jhagray

Complaining happens while we specific the negative talk in our mind and out it loudly. Continuously venting anger expressions on others is a sign of negative energy present in you. At the end, it could purpose anxiety or affect your relationships.

olad na honay ka wazifa

Bachon ka na hona

Babies are special gifts from God. If you are facing any issue after your marriage like not having child. Then you should not worry about that. Professor Rahat will help you. He Has some powerful Qurani wazaif and Amal ,which will solve your problem 100%

Burray khawab bad dreams ka khatma

Bad Dreams

Some times you have bad dreams and bad thoughts disturbs your life and peace. You do not have any control over it. All your therapy is all in vain. You should contact Professor Rahat for this kind of situation.