Wazifa for Ideal Job/Pasand Ki Nokri

Wazifa for Ideal Job/Pasand Ki Nokri:

Learn from Professor Rahat the wazifa to get the job of your dreams.

To get your ideal job at the place you want or in the career field you want, it’s crucial that you keep amal for a few days. If you do this, you will get the job you want, Insha’Allah.

How To Do Wazifa for Ideal Job:

This Wazifa takes 92 days. If you stay faithful for these 92 days, Insha’Allah you will get your dream job.

After the Isha ki namaaz, read awwal akhir 11 , 11 bar darood e Ibrahimi.

While reading this, repeat the following 101 times:

Ya Aleemu

Yaa Haleemu

Ya Alliyyu

Yaa Azeemu


When doing this wazifa, it is extremely important to make sure clothing is clean (pak saaf).

The place you were doing the wazifa must also be completely clean. Make sure you do this wazifa in the same place every day.

These things are necessary for the effectiveness of the wazifa.

NOTE: This amal cannot be completed by women during their courses. Wait until afterwards to do this.

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What You Need to Know about This Wazifa:

This is not an amal you can do in 1-2 days. Complete the full 92 days with faithfulness. Before sleeping, repeat this small amal and you Insha’Allah, you will see the results of your efforts before your very eyes.

Important Message:

Remember to faithfully follow this wazifa exactly as Professor Rahat has instructed. THIS IS IMPORTANT: After you are finished performing the wazifa every night, blow your breath into your hands, and rub your hands all over your body.

This amal can be used for yourself and for the betterment of others. Share this amal with other people (as sadka). This pleases Allah.

Again remember that whenever you do any wazifa, it is important to do it with your full heart and full faithfulness. If you do not do it with full heart and faithfulness, this wazifa will not be effective. To receive full benefit, do this wazifa as Professor Rahat has instructed.

IMPORTANT: if this Wazifa does not work for you, contact Professor Rahat to find out why. It may be black magic (kala jadu) working against you.



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