Wazifa for Overweight and Obesity | Wazan/Motapa aur Pait Kam Karne Ka Wazifa

Obesity is a very bad sickness. When one’s stomach sticks out, it also makes one feel bad, sick and awful. It makes all clothing look bad and the person becomes sick, weak, and unattractive.

Professor Rahat has had many clients who suffer from this illness. He found this wazifa for people who are suffering from obesity, too big stomach, or excess weight.

This amal is amazing (kamal) and will change your life if you suffer from overweight.

Motapa Ka Wazifa

This amal is easy and can be done at any time, night or day. However, it’s important to note and remember the following things before beginning this wazifa.

Whenever you do any wazaif, make sure to continue doing them until you see the result. If you stop before seeing a result, the wazifa will not be effective.

And when you do any wazifa, do not mix with other wazifay. Too many wazaif at the same time lessens the effect of all of them. In fact, none will be effective.

This is the reason many people complain to Professor Rahat that the amal he gave did not work. So if you start one, finish it before doing another. And when you start any, make sure to do it faithfully every day and at the same time each day. Then you will be happy with your results, Insha’Allah.

Wazifa Ka Tariqa

When you start doing this amal, fat from your stomach will melt. Many people have solutions for weight loss, but Professor Rahat’s method will actually make your stomach go down and your weight to decrease.

After completing wazoo, read Surha Fatiha 5 times. After this, read Surha Ra’ad 1 time.

Length of Wazifa

Continue doing this wazifa until your stomach completely flattens. Make sure you only doing one wazifa at a time. Too many wazaif at once will make all ineffective.

IMPORTANT: if this Wazifa does not work for you, contact Professor Rahat to find out why. It may be black magic (kala jadu) working against you.

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